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Pastor Edmond Fowowe

How Our Church Began

In 2006, during a 10 week vigil prayer session, the Holy Spirit spoke to the heart of a man of God, Edmond Fowowe to encourage him to start praying over Watford City and all the inhabitants in that city.

The prayer over the city continued until May 2010. A man of God ordained as Bishop was invited to minister in the former Church Reverend Edmond Pastors. During his ministration the Bishop declared "it is time for you to move on from here and, the Lord has spoken to you previously".

In August the same year another man of God attended to minister – during his ministration he declared "God has prepared a place for you to flourish for Him – obey now so that the spirit of delay will rob you of your inheritance".

Our Church was birthed on the 29th of November 2010 with Bible study on the power of the Holy Spirit. Our Church is Bible base without adulterating the word of God – spoke with passion and with the unction (anointing) of the Holy Spirit. There are 8 functions that we hold high in our Church as follows –

  1. The Word of God [foundation of everything we do].
  2. The Power of the Holy Spirit [Source of Power for our Faith].
  3. The Praise of God the Father [our Access to God’s presence].
  4. The Power of Prayer [our medium of communication with God]
  5. The Love of God to Everyone [our medium of expressing God to others]
  6. The Sharing of Communion [our medium of sharing God’s blessing with each other]
  7. The full Obedience to God [our expression of love to God]
  8. The Witness of the Grace of Jesus – [telling others of God’s kindness to us]

All of these we hold in high regards not only in our worship but, in our lives.

Test Before Trust

God will test all men - Jesus said that we will face trials and tribulations. This video explains how we will be tested, and how we can prepare ourselves to overcome and rise above any challenges that we are faced with in life. Our relationship with God will help us overcome tests imposed upon us in this world.

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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16