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Finding God as a Parent

We were designed to care

Being a parent is one of the proudest moments in any parents life - and just as God is not reluctant to show us His Fathers Love, we as parents who have been created in his image will emulate this same care, compassion and love.

God is the Best and Greatest Father figure we have

God is the Best and Greatest Father figure we have – there is no good and perfect father and, there is no true school of fatherhood anywhere (there is no perfect father) so we learn from God -

  • How to Love our children.
  • How to Lead our children.
  • How to Teach our children.
  • How to Equip our children.
  • How to Bless our children.
  • How to Release our children.

All these we learn from God when we have our New Creation Image – some people do not have a good and godly father relationship and, they view God in such manner as –

  1. Too busy.
  2. Stern disciplinarian.
  3. Lack of love.
  4. Partiality between children.
  5. Poverty.
  6. Abuse.

We find God as Parents when we have New Creation Image of who our Father in heaven is and, the kind of fathers He wants us to be.

Test Before Trust

God will test all men - Jesus said that we will face trials and tribulations. This video explains how we will be tested, and how we can prepare ourselves to overcome and rise above any challenges that we are faced with in life. Our relationship with God will help us overcome tests imposed upon us in this world.

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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16