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Support Seminars focussed on Biblical Teachings

In a busy world when local Pastors, and Ministry Teams are hard pushed just to maintain their own local Church Ministry it is good to have a "helping hand". At For Christ’s Sake Ministries we believe in reaching out beyond the boundaries of the local Church to inject a new dimension to "Living for Christ" through relevant seminars.

Our seminars are focussed on Biblical Teachings

Each seminar is focussed on Biblical Teachings with the sole aim of re-vitalising Christians that want to grow in their walk with Christ. Humility plays a great part in helping us to accept that every now and then we need a boost of "Divine Intervention". Taking time out in a busy, and sometimes chaotic schedule is not only refreshing to the soul but it is life giving to each individual in both a physical and spiritual way.
Purity in the heart produces power in the life.

By contacting For Christ's Sake Ministries you will be taking the first step in moving into new and exciting pastures. Each seminar will be individually developed for the needs of the Church growth and Pastoral care and development.

There will naturally be a financial cost to these ventures but the focus of the ministry is always person centred and not on financial gain. These matters can be discussed discreetly and with great care on contact.

Test Before Trust

God will test all men - Jesus said that we will face trials and tribulations. This video explains how we will be tested, and how we can prepare ourselves to overcome and rise above any challenges that we are faced with in life. Our relationship with God will help us overcome tests imposed upon us in this world.

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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16